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  • Rotating Disk Centrifugal Atomization

    Rotating disk centrifugal atomization is an important method for metal powders manufacturing. It was originally developed by the American Pratt&Whitney Aircraft Manufacturing Company. Due to its unique powder size, shape controllable, cleanliness and low cost has been attended. In recent years, people have combined it with spray deposition to form centrifugal spray deposition (CSD) for near-net-shape production of aviation parts.

  • Industrial 3D Printed Metal

    Hunan Skyline Smart Material&Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional solutions supplier for industrial 3D printing metals, we are specialized in providizng comprehensive system solutions and services for customers who manufacture 3D printing metal powder.

  • Plasma Atomization Powder Manufacturing

    Plasma as an extreme process technology, its application in the processing and synthesis of powder materials is a high-tech in this industry, and it has become a research hotspot in many countries. We used the international advanced level of new plasma powder manufacturing technology (PREP), built a metal powder R&D and production base, researched and developed the aviation-grade spherical metal-based 3D printed powders.

  • Gas atomization pulverizing equipment technology

    The gas atomization method is used to prepare the powders, that is, apply the high-speed air flow( Air, Nitrogen, Hydrogen) to molten liquid flow, so that the gas kinetic energy is converted into the surface energy of melt, then formed the fine droplets and solidified into powder particles. Its history originated in the 1920s, with the outbreak of World War II, the demand for iron powder sintered parts increased dramatically, resulting in the emergence of the famous Mannesmann method of gas atom



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