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Process for equipment installation&debugging and after-sales service


  1.Our company will assign professional after-sales personnel to the site to install and debug the equipment. During the installation and debugging process, our company's after-sales personnel will strictly perform scientific installation and debugging in strict accordance with the requirements of the technical scheme and equipment installation and debugging procedures. If there are some installation plans must be changed in special circumstances, the customers should resolve this problem through consultation with the relevant departments of our company. Our company will fully ensure that the completion of installation and debugging is consistent with the time agreed by both parties. If the project is delayed due to force majeure or vendor reasons, the two parties will negotiate to resolve.
  2.The acceptance criteria of debugging: This equipment can be used normally, and regards the technical contract confirmed by both parties as the acceptance standard.

  2、Operation training

  This equipment is qualified after debugging, our company provides system operation training for users' related operators for free. The training content includes equipment operation, troubleshooting, daily maintenance instructions and other items.
  Our company will provide equipment instruction manuals. Operators and managers will be trained as follows:
  Equipment operation and use, daily common repair and maintenance for equipment.

  3、Technical support for equipment systems

  Our company will provide strong technical support for the equipment. The company has built a technical support center, which can accept and handle customer complaints and ensure that every trouble complaints is investigated and resolved.

  4、After-sales service

  Based on the principle of "try our best, do it better" and the tenet of "customer first, service first", we carry out all-round technical support and after-sales service. We provide the customers with after-sales service policy "one year warranty and lifetime maintenance for the equipment".

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