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Plasma Atomization Powdered Material Manufacturing Equipment

Technical principle: As an extreme process technology, high temperature plasma is applied to the preparation of powder materials as a high-tech in the industry, and has become a research hotspot in many countries.

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Product introduction

  Application and Principles

  The plasma,as a technology under ultimate conditions,is an advanced and new technology in the application for disposition and synthesis and preparation of powdered material,and currently prevails among studies in many countries.

  Its working principles refer to several steps.First,inject solid particles into inert gas plasma and completely evaporate them under the high temperature of the plasma,existing as steam.And then cool them fast with gas quenching cooling technology,and finally allow saturated steam to be rapidly condensed,nucleated,grew and formed into superfine powder.

  Advantages and Features
  Owning to advanced technological superiorities,this equipment series are commonly applied to the preparation of superfine/nano-powdered material with highly chemical purity:
  1.Metals:Cu,Fe,Al,Mo,W,Ni,Re,Ta,Ti and their alloys;
  2.Oxides:Al2O3,MgO,TiO2,ZrO2,SiO2 and so on;
  3.Carbides:WC,TiC,B4C,SiC and so on;

  4.Nitrides:AiN,TiN,BN,Si3N4 and so on.

  Innovation of equipment
  1.Combined modular multifunctional raw material conveying device,including:liquid,gaseous,powdery raw material uniform precision feeding device,filamentary raw material uniform precision feeding device,block vacuum smelting precision current-limiting diversion pouring device;can meet different states Production of raw materials;
  2.Plasma power and plasma generator are also the key technological innovations of this project.In order to improve the atomization efficiency and the stability of the atomization process,the project proposes for the first time that the ultra-high temperature plasma generator,the choice of plasma gas types,and the gas flow and the metal flow rate are reasonably matched,which can produce a full range of high-performance metal elements and metals.Alloy ultrafine/nano powder,including:chemically active metals Mg/Al/Ti/Zr and alloys;high temperature metals W/Mo/Ni/Ta and alloys;
  3.Its professionally designed chemical reaction chamber can react to generate a variety of high-purity ultra-purity multi-element composite materials;
  4.The key technical points of precise and intelligent control of powder particle size,oxygen content and fluidity are proposed;

  5.Original quenching technology to prepare nano-scale powder materials.

  Advanced equipment technology
  1.This equipment is equipped with patented technology(patent number:201620234962.8/a device for preparing high-performance powder for additive manufacturing by plasma atomization)with high quality-efficiency ratio and high integration of intelligent control;
  2.On-line measurement of powder particle size and precise feedback control technology,so that the industry technology has been separated from the dependence stage of personal experience and entered the era of intelligent manufacturing;(optional)
  3.Comprehensive control technology of powder oxygen content process;
  4.Key control technology of powder flowability index;
  This project adopts combined modular uniform and precise raw material feeding device,special atomizing tower design technology,atomizing gas recycling,and multi-directional cooling powder technology to accelerate the cooling speed of atomizing powder and reduce the unit volume of powder particles in the atomizing tower.Concentration,reducing the probability of powder collision,greatly reducing the adhesion between powders.
  5.Key control technologies to improve the yield of powder in the-45+15μm range(applied in mainstream technology paths such as additive molding SLM);
  The project adopts plasma gas atomization technology and suitable atomization process(mainly atomization temperature and pressure)to prepare powder to improve the yield and sphericity of-45+15μm powder to ensure good powder flowability.The research of this project shows that the yield of-45μm powder in the preparation of nickel-based and stainless steel powder is greater than 70%,and the content of-15μm powder can be reduced through the optimization of the structure of the plasma and the atomization process,thereby effectively increasing the-45+15μm powder yield;

  6.Chemically active material surface passivation technology to ensure product safety during use;

  7.Equipment anti-static design technology.

  Technical Parameters
  1.Technical parameters
  2.Production capacity:30~60KG/hour(depending on material density)
  4.Power supply voltage:380V,50Hz
  5.Ultimate vacuum degree:10Pa
  6.Protective atmosphere:N2,Ar
  7.Cooling water rated pressure:0.3MPa
  8.Rated pressure of air source:0.6MPa

  9.Atomization pressure:≤0.5MPa

  Technical indicators
  1.Distribution of powder yield:D70=15-45μm(Titanium and titanium alloy powder as examples)
  2.Increasing powder oxygen:≤100ppm(Take pure titanium as an example.For practical application in the actual production process,this type of chemically active powder material must be surface passivated and the oxygen content should be 800~1500ppm;)

  3.Powder flowability:≤25s/50g

Type: Powder Production Equipment

Input Size: powder, wire or melt

Processed Materials: metals or alloys

Applications: Plasma Atomization Equipment's output powders are mainly acting as raw materials of powder metallurgy products and also can be used for catalyst, painting, pigment, etc.

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