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Pressure sintering furnace

The release date:2021-07-23 Source:原创 viewed:1141

Skyline pressure sintering furnace is suitable for sintering of silicon nitride, cemented carbide, special ceramics and other materials under high-pressure nitrogen atmosphere, with advantage to increase the sintered density and improve the mechanical properties of the material, featured with excellent structure, strength and density. It realizes continuous debinding at differential pressure, vacuum sintering and pressure sintering processes, designed with the function of adjustable and stable atmosphere, quality controllable; partial pressure control in the furnace to realize constant pressure sintering.

Skyline pressure sintering furnace integrates the functions of vacuum sintering, negative pressure dewaxing, positive pressure dewaxing, hydrogen exhaust, partial pressure sintering, atmosphere sintering, pressure sintering, rapid cooling, over-temperature and over-pressure warning protection etc., which is safe and stable, highly efficient, environmental-friendly and energy-saving.

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